Welcome to my blog!! #ootd 💛

Hello beauties! 😊

First off, thank you for checking me out! I’m here to share fashion, DIY, life hacks, and anything that I believe is knowledgeable to a college student! This is my first post on this blog, I’ve had a tumblr for years but I wanted to make this to be more personal with anyone who needs something to believe in! This is actually something I’ve wanted to do for awhile but always found myself putting it off for stupid reasons.. Like being afraid someone would judge me or make fun of what I believe in. And you know what? Since when do I even care what people think? Truth is, we shouldn’t care! I’ll always have someone not agree with everything I do but as long as enjoy it  there’s no problem. We shouldn’t be hating on one another, instead we should be sharing self love and making sure people feel confident. This is my ultimate goal. So I’m here to say hello and that I hope you all enjoy the stories I have to tell, my crafts, and my outfits I have to share with everyone! Don’t be afraid to get to know me more; I have every social networking out there so feel free to follow me @LexRayn 🌻 let’s get into it!

This is the outfit I wore this past Monday. So pretty much skirts, dresses, and knee socks are my ‘go to’ whenever it’s one of those perfect fall days, which we don’t get very often. Also, this skirt was only $4.99 so weeee 🦄✨💖

Shirt: Charlotte Ruse

Skirt: Forever21

Scarf: Charlotte Ruse

Socks: Wet Seal

Boots: Macy’s

Thank you so so so much for checking me out today, hope you have a great rest of your day!  I’ll be talking to you all soon.

Stay fab,

 ~~ Lexi 🌻 xo

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