Hello hello!!🌻

So today I went shopping with my friend, although I’m broke & shouldn’t of.. but you know how that goes 🙃🙃 This is what I wore to class & to the mall! I’m loving this weather right now & I’m not looking forward to snow soOoOoOo wearing all these short sleeve sweaters as much as I can!

Sweater: Forever21

Shirt: Forever21

Jeans: AEO

Shoes: Payless

So funny story… I just recently switched over to team iPhone & I’m trying to get the hang of taking selfies on this phone. When I was on my way to pick up friend to go to the mall, at every red light I’d try to take a cute selfie because the lighting was so bomb! Unfortunately, a little squirrel weasel rabbit cat thing, who knows, could’ve been a unicorn, ran in front of my car! But don’t worry, I dodged him by going up & over the curb 😅 just a little lesson learned don’t selfie & drive 😋 lollllllz

As always, thanks for checking in, have a great night loves! Don’t forget to follow me on my social networking (link in about me) 😋💛 

~~ Lexi 🌻

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