Light Up Night #ootn 🎄✨

Hey guys!!✨

Omg, soooOoOoooOo tonight I went to Light Up Night downtown Pittsburgh with some good pals of mine AND holey moley guacamoley guess what!? I was able to see Daya & my girl JOJO preform, it was freaking AMAZING !!! 😍🎶😍🎶😍  I almost peed my pants out of excitement, they both killlllled it! Definitely I night I’ll never forget 😁🎄✨ I took a picture of what I was wearing before I left that house to share with all you lovely people who view my blog, so keeeep on scrolling and lemme know whatcha think! 💛🙆🏼

Jeans: AEO

Jacket: Marshalls

Scarf & Head thingy: H&M

Boots: Marshalls

Sweater: AEO

I have a pair of thermals underneath my jeans and sweater! I highly recommend wearing those if you’re going to attend an event outdoors in the cold, I was warm the entire night! Also I’m going to post a video below of Jojo performing in case your interested! Thanks guys for checking in, have a great night! xoxo ~~ Lexi🌻
Ps. I braided my hair in French braids with damp hit the pervious night to get curls like that! 😊😊

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