#ootd 💤🌀😴

Hey guys! 💛💛

First off, I just wanna say sorry I haven’t posted in a few days. It’s my last week of classes and then finals… it’s been kickin’ my butt to say the least! I’m so so so so so ready for Christmas Break… which I’m sure many of you can relate to the struggle I’m feeling… been feeeelin. AnywhoOooOoOo I’ve been dressing as comfy as possible this week, which means leggings on leggings on leggings 😋  So here’s a quick outfit of the day! Let me know what you think 😊

 Sweater: Forever21

Leggings: Forever21

Shoes: Gabes

Necklace: Wet Seal


Thanks for checking in! Don’t forget to follow me on my social networking @lexrayn 🙆🏼🙆🏼🙆🏼 Goodluck to all of you with school or whatever it may be that’s stressing you out, we’ll get through it 💪🏽

“Spend money. Change your hairstyle. Sell your old clothes and pursue your new style with the money you get from it. Be strong. Be patient. Get drunk if you want to, but not every weekend. Buy a chocolate bar every week when your favorite tv show is on. Take hot baths. Wake up early. Start jogging. Write. Find a friend who will listen to you and don’t stop until you find it. Study. Read. Make your Instagram cool. Write some more. Get that damn piercing. Buy bath bubbles and bath more. Adore your body. Shave, for yourself. Book flights for next spring. Write this day down, write it all down. Cry. Finally feel some homesickness. Learn to be in silence. Learn to stand being alone. Drink lots of coffee. Get ready for christmas. Feel smart at school. Spend a weekend alone. Take lots of selfies. Eat chocolate while watching reality tv-shows. Meditate. Stretch. Learn ballet. Buy overprized coffee. Learn to be with yourself.”

How I Got Better. The most relatable thing I’ve ever read.

Xoxo ~~ Lexi 🌻🌻

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