Collared shirt & sweater ?! #ootd 🤓

Hello hello 😊

Guys!! How are you all?! Good I hope! I’m hanging in there myself. Finals week. Enough said. 🙃📝📚 I’ve recently been looking at different outfit ideas from other blogs that are out of my comfort zone. They’re a little more preppy than what I typically wear, but I’m feeeelin it! I feel like I’m pulling off a Spencer Hastings look from PLL. It’s super cute & preppy… And surprisingly comfy! You probably have these pieces in your closet too. I definitely recommend everyone to try it out. It sure fits well with how much I’ve been studying 😅 I hope you guys like it!


Shirt: Marshalls

Sweater: Old Navy

Leggings: Forever21

Leg warmers: Marshalls

Boots: Marshalls

Necklaces: Kohls

I chose to wear two statement necklaces to make it a little more girly! Here’s a close up of it! 😊 
As always I want to thank you for checking in with me! Don’t forget to follow me IG & Twitter @lexrayn 😋 Have a great rest of your day! 💛💛 ~~ Lexi 🌻

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