New Years Eve #ootn

Hellllllo 2016! ✨🤘🏼🍾 

Happy New Year! Hello 2016, it’s so damn lovely to meet you. I’m so excited to see what this year has to offer for myself & everyone else! I encourage everyone to try something out of their comfort zone (for me, it was this blog), get out there, and enjoy your life! Who cares what anyone thinks. This is your year, you can handle anything life has to throw at you 🙆🏼

For my New Year’s Eve I went to dinner with my boyfriend and went back to his house and watched moves, I know I know… I’m a grandma but it’s fine. I’m more of a homebody, plus I deal with crazy people on the reg. at work I was just excited to Netflix and chill with bae. Lol jk 😂 but seriously. Here’s an overview of my outfit for dinner last night! Lemme know whatcha think. 

Sweater: Marshalls

Skirt: Marshalls

Tights: Mashalls 

Shoes: Macy’s 

Necklace: Gabes (I think)

The skirts original price was $140 (Romeo & Juliet Couture) I paid $20…. That’s insane that someone actually paid that much for this skirt…. But hey good fab find for me! The sweater was original from A&F and I scooped it up at Marshalls on clearance for $14! Overall, nothing was too expensive so I think I did well! I wrapped my hair up in a messy bun and curled the few hanging pieces. It was quick and easy. I think it turned out pretty cute too so yay! I hope everyone had a successful New Year’s Eve. As always, thank you for checking out my post! Talk to you soon 😋🤘🏾🍾✨💛

~ Lexi xo 🌻

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