Snowy #ootd 

Hey hello hi! ❄️❄️

Winters here and I don’t like it!! It was super snowy and cold today. I know I know we haven’t had that rough of a winter at all so I really shouldn’t be complaining, but I really really really don’t like the snow at all… Or the cold.. And if you mix them together you get a very unhappy girl 🙃 I live in PA so it’s whatcha get here! I don’t like driving in it or cleaning off my car. I also don’t like when I fall in the snow/ice and completely embarrass myself 😂 Don’t get me wrong, the snow looks beautiful… But I don’t think it’ll ever be something I enjoy!

I’m very grump about it, but I found these pictures below to give me a positive mindset about the snow until it’s gone! 😋❄️

Aren’t these sayings so cute!? Lol. I’m hoping spring will be right around the corner! Fingers crossed.
AnywhooOoOOOo, this is my outfit for the day! The puffer vest is good for weather like this when your talking into heated buildings so your not going from freezing to a warm building making your body sweat. This keeps you at a comfortable temperature if you ask me! Also, I feel like I wear these boots in a lot of my blog posts, but they’re just so perfect. They were only $20 and they’re the perfect chunky heel! I have them in both grey and dark brown so really they can almost go with any outfit. Here’s pictures of my outfit, I hope you guys like it!


Scarf: Wet Seal

Flannel: Wet Seal

Leggings: Aerie

Vest: JCP

Boots: Marshalls

Thanks so much for checking in! I hope everyone had a great Tuesday and has an even better rest of the week! 🙆🏼 Stay warm and be safe! The roads are kinda bad around here. Don’t forget to follow me @LexRayn 💅🏼✨🌸🙆🏼💕 Talk to you soon!

~ Lexi 🌻 xo

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