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Hey hey hey!! ❄️

Holy moly guacamole !!! it’s cold as crap outside and I can’t say I enjoy it every much! ☹ The only positive thing about this  weather is that my hair isn’t frizzZZzZing up like it would normally if it was hot out so I mean that’s kinda neato! I dunno about you guys, but since it’s been so cold out I haven’t wanted to dress nice at all or even do my make up for that matter. Except today I woke up surprisingly early and was in a great mood! I felt so motivated! I did my hair and makeup, got somethings done, went to work, went to dinner, then met up with a friend for coffee! Here’s a quick overview of what I wore on this chilly day, hope you guys like it!😋

Ps. Sorry it’s just pictures from the inside of my house. By the time I got home from work it was already dark out and too cold to be outside without being all bundled up! 🙅🏼😅 

Sweater: Wet Seal

Shirt: Forever 21 (baby tee crop top)

Jeans: Hollister ($19.99 and well worth every penny!)

Scarf: Wet Seal (all their scarfs are currently 70% off!!!!)😍

Booties: Marshalls ($24.99)

Here’s a better picture of my boots. They’re seriously the best boots because they have a little heel yet are extremely comfortable! And I love little heels because they help lift the booty obviiiiii.👢👢

Peeeeep my extremely straight hair, this doesn’t happen often at all because I feel like i never have enough time to do my hair when i’m getting ready and I just leave it as it’s natural wild self!💁🏼💁🏼

Just a reminder: I’ve always been the type of person who feels that if you’re passionate about something you should do it no matter what anyone thinks! Be confident in who you are and the choices you make! No one’s opinion defines you and I sincerely mean that. Love everything about yourself because you are undeniably beautiful in every single way! I don’t think girls tell each other nice things often enough so lets change that, give someone a compliment, make their day. You never know what someone’s daily struggles are.. you never know what someone’s own monsters in their head are telling them . A compliment can go a long way, it truly can turn someone’s whole day around! So inhale confidence.. and exhale that doubt, exhale those negative words.. those negative thoughts. You are wonderful and you need to believe that.

Alrighttttty pretty gals, that’s my outfit and I hope you all liked it! This is probably my favorite cardigan I own because of how it fits and the length of it and it’s sleeve length.It’s kinda just a perfect fit! Oh, and the burnt orange color is so freaking cute and different! I definitely recommend sweaters and jeans.. and lots and lots of layers when it’s this cold out because jeans are just thicker and i feel like they keep you warmer than leggings would! As always, thank ya thank ya for stopping by my site! Don’t forget to follow me on my social media’s @LexRayn! Stay warm!💛❄️

~ Lexi 🌻  xo



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