#ootd ❄️❄️

Hello pretties! 😋🌞

How are ya?! I’m glad to say that the snow has for the most part melted away 🙆🏼 Ugh no matter how hard I try to like it, I can’t. I really really really dislike snow! Atleast it’s been sunny and the sunsets have been unreal! Here’s some postive thoughts: every poopy cold day there is it’s one day closer to spring time!! I took these pictures on Sunday hence why there’s still a crazy amount of snow on the ground, but I thought I’d share! So here’s a quick #ootd, hope you guys like it!😋🙆🏼❄️


Sweater: Forever 21 

Jeans: AEO but got them at Marshalls ($16.99)

Scarf: Aeropostale ($4)

Boots: Marshalls ($29.99)

I think jeggings, a sweater, and a blanket scarf are such a ‘go to’ for this type of weather, especially to class. It’s comfortable, cute, and keeps you warm! Also, with this snowy half melted weather it’s good to wear boots that’ll keep your feet warm and dry! These duck boots are awesome for that and they were super inexpensive so if you do ruin them it’s no big deal! I’m pretty sure this is something that’ll be in most of your closets already. I know blanket scarfs can be intimidating because they’re so big but they’re awesome! They keep you so warm. When I wear mine, I tie mine together at the ends and loop it around twice like an infinity scarf. It looks so cute that way and stays on! And since these scarfs are so big I try to either wear my hair up or atleast half up! I hope you all liked this outfit and try it out! Thanks for stopping by, have a great night! 💛

Until next time,

Lexi 🌻 xo

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