Comfy Cozy Casual 🌸 #ootd

Hi loves! 😋💛

Happy Tuesday to you all. I woke up in a great mood even though it was on the chilly side and some snow on the ground. I didn’t let that ruin my mood! I’m currently in the car with my boyfriend and were on our way to the mall to get some shopping done before he starts his new job tomorrow. Plus a girl can never go shopping enough 😍 jk but seriously. Anyway, I’m gonna make this post short, so here’s what I’m wearing for today! It’s cute and casual, perfect for shopping if you ask me. Hope you like it! 🙆🏼


Shirt: Aeropostale

Hoodie: JCP

Jeans: American Eagle

Boots: Wet Seal

Purse: Vera Bradley

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Like I said earlier, it was very chilly outside and unfortunately I brought all my shorts and spring/summer things out and packed all my winter things away yesterday. Ugh lol. Go figure. I decided to keep it super casual but still with a spring vibe because it is April and this cold won’t be here for much longer! 🌸🌻💐🌞 This is also my sisters purse I’m borrowing because it’s so cute and such a great size! If you’re looking for a good summer bag I recommend Vera’s, they’re affordable and you can wash them if they get dirty!

Hair & Make-up: This look is just my natural air dryed hair with some leave in conitioner in it to help the frizz go down! 😋😋 I’m wearing my normal face routine and mascara! Although, I’ve recently updated my everyday products and I couldn’t be happier with them. Let me know if you guys want an updated post about it!

Wellll I just arrived at the mall so I’m going to wrap this post up! Thank you so much to all my followers for following me through out my blogging journey. I appreciate the support more than you could ever know. I mean it, you all mean the world to me! 💛 Don’t forget to shoot me a message with blog requests, to chat, or share a simple comment! Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday. I’ll be talking to you all soon. xoxo.

🌸 I hope you wake up early enough in the morning to put on your favorite outfit and make your favorite breakfast. I hope you find your skin clear and hair healthy. I hope you’re content with the way your body looks. I hope you find happiness in small things today. I hope that, even with your ups and downs, you are content with yourself.🌸


4/5/08 💛👼🏼

One bad decision still felt by SO many hearts 8 years later. Approximately every 53 minutes, a person dies due to a drunk driving accident. I CANNOT stress the importance of this enough. All it takes to save a life is one good decision not to get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking. Driving is a privilege. Be smart. Save a life. Don’t drink & drive. Rest in peace, Tia❤️

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Until next time,

Lexi 🌻

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