Rain Boots & A Dress! #ootd ☔️

Hey y’all! 🌸

How is everyone’s week going so far? It’s FriYAY 🎉 Since I’m working a 7 day stretch right now (ugh), I took these outfit of the day photos in advance so I’d be able to make a post still! They were just snapped real quick on my iPhone with people walking by. It’s always super awkward, but oh well! Blogger life. I know I’ve told you all about the weather where I live more than a few times.. It’s May 13th (aka Friday the 13th 🔪🔪) and it’s been nothing here but rainy and kind of on the chilly side. We will get a few hours of warm weather and sunshine, but in a blink of an eye it’s gone! I’m not one who likes to leave my bed when it’s rainy outside, but sometimes that’s not an option. 😂 

As you probably already know, I’m a very girly girl. I love being in dresses so I decided to wear a flowy dress with my rain boots! I wore this outfit to work and then out to dinner 😋 Follow my photos to see what it looks like and share your thoughts down bellow in the comments. Let’s get into it: 


 Dress: Old Navy ($10)

Socks: Marshalls

Boots: Burlington ($20)

I bought this dress specifically for work. My shoulders have to be covered and the dress must be longer than what I’d normally wear so I was excited when I found this one that fits my works dress code! I paired it with high knee socks since it was chilly. I thought it looked super cute with my boots since they were some what shorter! I also liked how both are black and white, but completely different patterns. They went together well if ya ask meeeeee! What do you guys think?

Hair & Make-up: I softly curled it before work that morning but it didn’t really stay because of the rain. I’m wearing my everyday make-up routine as well as a LipTart lip stick that I received in my Ipsy Bag! I’m not usually a lipstick gal, but I loved this one 💄💋

Well loves, that’s all I have for this post. I want to thank you for reading and stopping by my site. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it! If you’re new here, welcome! Don’t forget to shoot me a message with blog requests, to chat, or share a simple comment! Tell me what you like to wear on rainy days in the comments below. 😋 I’ll be talking to you all soon! xoxo. 💋

Stay chic,

Lexi 🌻🌻

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