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Hi loves and happy Monday to you all. Holy moly guacamole, it’s already June! I swear time flies by the older I get. With that being said I hope all of my lovely viewers first weekend in June was fabulous! Mine was for sure. I’m back with a new post that is kind of different from what I’ve posted before, but I really dig it and I hope you guys do too!

As many of you probably know, I’m just a tad bit obsessed with YouTube. I enjoy watching videos about life hacks, room tours, morning routines, make-up routines, the whole nine yards. Recently, I’ve been watching “Car Tours” which is something different from the typical beauty videos and I got really into them! Those videos videos inspired this blog post for my car essentials, normally in those videos, I don’t really care much about what kind of car it is, but rather what girls keep in their car to make it their own! So I’m going to share some photos of what the inside of my car looks like, what I always keep in my car, and a little car #DIY garbage can to help keep your car clean! With out further or do, let’s get into it! πŸš—πŸ™†πŸΌ

Okay, to start off I drive a black 2010 Hyundai Elantra that I named Colby back when I purchased her almost two years ago. She’s my cute little car that gets me from A to B with my crazy driving that I do. I mean really, I hit every pot hole possible as well as every curb and my little car has my back. He he he. With me having my own car for almost two years now, I have a pretty good idea on what I like to keep in my car at all times!

I love to have things in my car that make it my own. I have a dream catcher as well as a cute car air freshener hanging from my rear-view mirror. I have a flower air freshener in my vent and a little hula dancer girl. Most of the time my purse is a cross body, so I like to hang it around my passenger seats head rest to insure it doesn’t go flying and all my stuff falls out because I’ve had that happen!

My essentials

  • Phone Charger (I keep multiple: car charger, wall charger)
  • Aux cord/ Bluetooth system
  • Sunglasses
  • Wet wipes
  • Gum
  • Body Spray
  • Hair ties/ Hair clip
  • Pens
  • Some type of protection (Pepper spray, Mace, Taser, Stun Gun, or Knife)
  • Deodorant (for those days your just stanky)
  • A place for loose change (I use a small Tupperware container that I believe is for salad dressing)
  • Car Freshener
  • Old pair of glasses/ glasses case (unless you don’t wear glasses lol)
  • Umbrella (this will save your life on rainy days, trust meeeee)
  • Tampons
  • Blanket
  • Hand sanitizer

In my trunk:

  • An Emergency Bag

For the first Christmas I had my car my aunt & uncle made me a car emergency bag. I definitely recommend either investing in one pre made on the internet or creating your own. Trust me, it’ll save your life when your in a pickle. My bag has everything I could possibly need in it, they went all out for me. I have everything in it  (Booster cables, flares, zip ties, towing rope, a foldable shovel, rain poncho, emergency blanket, gloves, socks, thermals, compass, lighter, and so much more) They even made me and emergency bag in case I need to stay somewhere with soap, shampoo, razors, contact solution, tampons, and more. 

  • A Storage Box

I bought this foldable box at Target for $6.99 a year ago and it helps with organizing the random stuff. In this box I keep a blanket, an extra outfit (T-shirt, shorts, flip flops), and when I was in school I’d throw my my book bag in there too, but for now it just has some books that I was told to buy and never actually had to use… lol go figure.

  • A Snow Scraper

I keep this in my trunk at all times just because if I don’t i’ll loose it over the warm months like I did last year ( ha ha ha )

  • A mini car vacuum

I recently just got this one from Marshalls for $7.99 and I’m in love with it. It’s super cute and easy to use. I plug it into my car lighter plug thing ( I don’t know what those things are called) and you press the on button and it sucks up all the crumbs I get in my car! I’m such a crazy person when it comes to keeping my car clean, I paid for it so why not take care of it?! I don’t know how my car gets as dusty as it does, but I try my best to regularly clean it out. On the topic of clean cars, I recently saw a cute DIY on a youtube video about how to make a little garbage can for your car! Keep scrolling down and see how I made mine!



Originally, I saw this done with a cereal container and some sticky tape, but I put my own twist on it to best fit my car! Feel free to do that as well! I bought a smaller container, probably have the size of a cereal container, but also more square. It fit perfectly in my car. Instead of heavy tape, I bought Velcro tape and put one piece on the back of my middle console and the other side on the container, so I could easily remove it to dump out the trash! I’ve looked in stores to buy a garbage can for my car for awhile now, but honestly they were all over $10.00 and super small and I felt that none would really work right in my car. When I found this idea I was pretty excited to try it because I always find myself or anyone else who is in my car stick garbage (gum rappers, straw wrappers, receipts, etc) in the side compartments on my doors on in my cup holders, so i’m excited to finally put an end to that! This #DIY was also under $7.00 to do and I personally think it’s way better than anything I’ve seen in stores!

Well loves, that’s all I have for this blog post! I want to thank you for reading and stopping by my site. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it, I love being very personal with you guys and allowing you to see into my life! If you’re new here, welcome! Also, feel free to tell me what you need to keep in your car at all times, or what you use to make your car yours in the comments below, you don’t need an account to comment either, anyone can! πŸ˜‹ I’ll be talking to you all soon! xoxo. πŸ’‹

Stay chic,

Lexi 🌻🌻
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