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How’s everyone’s week going?! I’m hoping it’s fabulous! So to start off, I came up with this idea earlier this week and i’m excited to share it with all y’all beauties. Let’s talk about some simple and easy ways to get out of a rut or those times in life where you feel down. I’m in no way a professional obvi, but I wanted to share from my experiences what has helped me during difficult times! I know we all go through those days where we are just down.. Plain and simple. Days where you just want to hide yourself under blankets and pillows and not deal with life. Ahhh I feel this so much. If you’re looking for answers for what to do when you’re feeling so low and unmotivated then just keep reading my tips!

The biggest thing I found that can help me pull myself out of a rut is meditation/yoga/stretching! I look at this as encouragement and positive energy to your brain. I personally try to take 15 minutes every day to myself and just stretch. Preferably in the mornings to help me wake up and start my day off right. If you think it’s something you couldn’t see yourself doing, try it first before you decide! 


If meditation and yoga aren’t your thing then you could also try journaling! I find it’s best to write out what you’re feeling or what you may be going through so it’s not just stuck in your head. Also, get a planner and try your best to plan out things you need to get done so you won’t ever get overwhelmed because personally, that is something that’ll cause me anxiety. 

Rearrange! I find just getting a new “feel” in your bedroom or whatever room you spend the most time in can help so much. (it’s silly I know) So try to rearrange, repaint, organize, whatever! If you want to cut a low feeling i strongly believe this will help bring positivity to your room. It’s so easy to do and just gives an all around perspective and just a new feel for ya! 
Watch what you’re eating, if you’ve been feeling low don’t fuel your body with sugary or fatty food. Don’t do ittttttttt. It’s SO easy to make yourself feel better just by changing your diet. If I eat like crap, i’ll feel like crap. So put good foods in your body and you’ll feel good. Another thing is my FitBit helps me A LOT. I can track my steps I took a day and make sure I meet my healthy goal every day to keep myself moving! One of the biggest things that I have found can contribute to my anxiety/depression is how much sleep and how much quality sleep I’m getting. In general, getting better sleep will affect my mood. It’s worthwhile to take care of your overall health and tracking everything can really help improve your state of mind and help you understand why you’ve felt so yucky. I highly recommend getting a Fitbit to anyone who asks! 

Now, I want you to ask yourself why you feel low or depressed… If it’s because you have crazy “goals” or your expectations are just overall very unrealistic. (And yes, I mean if you’re sitting there constantly comparing yourself to other people’s bodies or their beauty or their lifestyle) You need to understand that it’s not healthy for you to do that to yourself. How could you be happy that way? I would suggest for you to re-question what you consider to be “goals” and dream bigger. Instead of trying to be a picture perfect gal, try to be a better person or work toward something that’ll inspired you vs bring you down. Also, reduce some of the time that you’re spending on social media. I’m very active on Insta for sure, but I try to stay off of it after I post something and then I’ll check back later in the evening. I feel like my generation has consumed so much time hating on people for what they post or being jealous of what someone posts. You’ll never be happy if you do that, so instead of hating and feeling down, go out and you yourself have fun. Go take pictures and enjoy life face to face with your friends! 


You can try to find a hobby like coloring those adult coloring books or just getting into a book. Something to kind of take your mind off of things, just to get away from life sometimes. Trust me, pick a good book and start reading it. Or better yet, pick a book that’ll inspire you! Blogging is something that I’ve found has really helped me! 

Alright my loves, I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Those are just some ways I have pulled myself out of those ruts of life. I know they sound cliche, but they work. I wouldn’t put advice out there if I didn’t realize use it myself.  Remember, life is too short to spend it unhappy *cue the sappy girl from mean girls who doesn’t even go here* As always, I want to thank you for reading and stopping by my site. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it, I love being very personal with you guys and allowing you to see into my life! If you’re new here, welcome! I post randomly, so stop back. Also, feel free to leave some feedback in the comments below. Tell me and share with me what you find that helps you get through these down times of life! Oh, and leave some blog requests as well, I love hearing what you guys want next. I’ll be talking to you all soon! xoxo. πŸ’‹

Stay chic,

Lexi 🌻🌻

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~ always try to remember to see the beauty in the world even when it seems to not be so beautiful. ~ 

2 thoughts on “How to Be Happy & Stay Happy 🌸🌻 | My tips! #Healthylifestyle

  1. Amazing tips and they are not cliche at all! I actually started doing a few things recently and I feel like my life starts looking brighter and happier πŸ™‚

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