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Hi loves!

Happy Tuesday to all my pretty gals out there! I hope your week is going fabulously so far. As you may have noticed, I have been busy busy busy. My blogging game has been totally slacking and I haven’t been able to do the things I normally like to do. This makes me so sad because blogging is my happy place and it acts as a stress reliever for me. Obviously, I need to get it together and make time for what I love, along with all the other priorities going on in my life at the moment. I thought what better way to get back with posts is to share with y’all how I’ve learned to handle being overwhelmed with a swamped schedule as a college student.

I thought what better way to get back with posts is to share with y’all how I’ve learned time management as a college student. So without further ado, Grab yourself a cup of coffee and let’s get into a few tips and tricks I have found that help me when it comes to having a lot of things on my plate at once!

First, whenever I become overwhelmed with a lot of things to do, whether it be assignments, papers, studying, or even simple things like work, cleaning my room, or doing my laundry, I always start off by making a “To-do” list. I know this sounds a little silly and childish, but trust me, it helps so much! I order them by the of most importance to least importance. Every time I finish something, I cross it off and before you know it, what was once a long list is becoming shorter and shorter with every task I take on.

When it comes to those days where you get home from class and you’re tired and don’t feel like doing anything besides sitting on your phone while having Netflix play in the background. Listen to me, get your school work/studying done first and then chill. You will feel so much better mentally if you know everything is done and won’t have to worry about staying up late doing those assignments as night and then doing the same thing the next day, and the next day, and the next day because you’re exhausted. Work hard now and reward yourself with “you” time later.

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Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Always have a cozy, clean, and organized area to do your assignments/studying. I have a desk in my room that I always make sure is up to good standards to get things done. It’s a place a genuinely like to spend time at. Or, if you don’t have a desk or want a new setting, go somewhere outside of your home to get work done. I have a coffee shop two minutes from my house that I like to go to every once in awhile as a different set of scenery, plus they have yummy lattes!

My last tip is to not lay in your bed or wear PJs while doing your homework. Okay, yeah, I know this sounds a little dumb, but it’s true! If I even sit on my bed doing homework I find myself getting so easily distracted by my laptop, tv, phone, my pillow.. you name it. If I get comfy to do homework in my bed, you bet I’ll talk myself into taking a “quick nap”…(2 hours later)… which is so bad because then I can’t fall asleep at night and I just end up repeating this every day until the weekend! Also, If I spend that time in my bed doing homework when it comes time to actually catch some ZZzZZzzZ’s I can’t seem to get comfy because I spent too much time in my bed already. I can’t find that resting position and end up tossing and turning all night long. Now with wearing Pj’s, I know they’re so comfy but if I’m wearing what I would wear to bed while doing my assignments, it comes right back down to the same issue as I had with doing the assignments in my bed. On another hand, you know what they say… Dress well, test well. You can most certainly be dressed comfortable, but I still like to look somewhat put together even if I’m just sitting at my own desk. A person’s attire can completely alter their mood, behavior, and most of all their confidence. I combine both style and comfort, making sure that I appear stylish to feel my very best. Comfort is certainly an important factor for what I’m wearing since an uncomfortable get up can easily distract me. The whole point of this is to make sleeping clothes good for sleep so then I appear put together in a flattering outfit, I’m less likely to become so easily tired as I would If I was in my PJs. It makes sense when you think about it!

Well, that’s all for today’s post. My best advice to take it all day by day, step by step, and make time for yourself along the way. Even though it seems overwhelming now, it’ll all workout and be worth it in the end. My thankfulness for your support is endless. Don’t forget to leave links to your blogs and instas, as I would love to check them out and follow you all and connect more. As always, feel free to shoot me a message with blog requests, to chat, or share a simple comment, I am more than happy to talk to you lovelies! I hope you all have the best week. Talk to you’ll soon! Xoxo.

Stay chic,

Lexi 🌻🌻

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10 thoughts on “College Tip’s on being Overwhelmed | Coffee Talk

  1. To-do lists are my saviour right now while in college. I wrote down every single detail. Even things i automatically know to do, like take out the garbage. I would be lost with it these days. Great post 😊

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  2. I have just begun to do that with regards to creating a to-do list. I did not know that about PJs being a distraction to make you sleepy, I will have to definitely stop doing that 😃. Great post 👍🏾

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