Amusement Park – Kennywood| #OOTD 🎡🎠🎢

Hi, friends.

Happy Monday. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. This is my last week off before I begin my transfer to Duquesne University with an orientation week. Needless to say, I have a lot to do in these next few days, but I’m not worried because things always work out exactly how they’re supposed to. I’m done with my babysitting job for the summer and this morning I finished everything I had to do for my summer class.  Summer is coming to an end, but I couldn’t be more excited for these next few weeks! Does anyone else have exciting changes coming up int heir life? I’d love to hear about it!

Aside from all that, I’m happy to be writing about my Sunday afternoon spent at a local Amusement park. If you’re from the Pittsburgh area you already know all about this beloved traditional amusement park called Kennywood! For my readers who don’t know, Kennywood is an amusement park located in West Mifflin, PA. It was founded in 1898 and it has thrilled and delighted both young and young-at-heart visitors for more than 120 years! It’s a big deal around here, local schools get day’s off to attend the Kennywood Picnic, I’ve had many field trips there. Quite frankly, it was the most exciting day of the year when I was younger. I haven’t been there in a couple years, but Kennywood still gives me the same excited feeling years later! When I was younger, picking out my K-wood outfit was one of my favorite things to do, along with spotting the signs on your way to the park. I loved my outfit so much yesterday, it was perfect for a fun-filled day. I hope y’all like it too!

Jeans: JCPenney’s

Top: American Eagle

Shoes: Marshall’s

Purse: Alt’rd State


When you’re walking around an amusement park all day, you want to be comfortable. I never want to be too cold or too hot either. This light and airy tank-top was perfect with my favorite cuffed mom jeans. I’ve been wearing these jeans all summer long. I can’t get enough of them! Throw on a hat to cover that messy looking rollercoaster hair and you’re all set. This outfit was perfect for the day!

That’s all in today’s post. I hope you all enjoyed my post about my day spent at Kennywood. My thankfulness for your support is endless. Don’t forget to leave links to your blogs and instas, as I would love to check them out and follow you all and connect more. As always, feel free to shoot me a message with blog requests, to chat, or share a simple comment. Sending lots of love and positive thoughts to you guys now and always. Looking forward to writing another Shein post soon. Xoxo.

Stay chic,

Lexi 🌻🌻

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