A Perfect Fall Haul with Gabe’s | LEXTOBER #14 🍂🎃🌼

Hi, friends.

Happy Monday! Welcome back and welcome if you’re new here. I’m Lex and I’m so glad you decided to stop by my little corner of the internet. As some of you may know, this month I have been posting every other day with all fall themed posts in a series I have been calling LEXTOBER… get it? Lex + October (I’m really creative, I know). I’m a big fan of all things fall so I wanted to share my love for the season with all of y’all this year. Today is post #14 of the LEXTOBER series and I’m really excited for this one because it is a collaboration with a store I have regularly shopped at and wrote about on here for years.

Gabe’s is a private discount fashion retailer where I find the B E S T deals. Their stores carry designer brand name ladies, juniors, lingerie, men’s and children’s apparel, along with footwear, accessories, handbags, bath and beauty products, home, electronics, and housewares. It’s very similar to a Marshalls or a Tjmaxx but honestly, I find way better deals at Gabe’s for the exact same brands and clothing pieces. I know when I was younger, back when Gabe’s was called Gabriel Brother’s, it had a reputation of having clothes with holes or miss prints, or simply with something wrong with it from the manufacturer. That is not the case anymore, they’ve completely rebranded themselves and have stepped up their game. They also have a free loyalty program for every $50 you spend, you get $5 off of $25, which is AMAZING. Most discount retailer stores don’t do anything like that! So you’re already getting great prices and earning coupons? Oh yes yes yes.

My obsession with this store became apparent during my first semester at my community college. I was young, broke, and hungry for fashion (still am). My Gabe’s store is located directly between my house and my previous CC. Whenever I had a break between my classes, I would stop in Gabe’s just to kill time before my next class and I’d always walk out with something, but since their prices are so good I never broke the bank. So, when Gabe’s reached out to me for a collaboration I didn’t even have to think about it, all my money goes there and Starbucks anyways! So brew yourself something warm and great ready to see some deals because I’m sharing a fall haul with Y’all. Once you see these pictures, I know you’ll be dying to check out your local Gabe’s!

Can Y’all believe the most expensive item in this haul was only $12.99?! All of the sweaters range for $5.99 – $12.99 with the majority only being $5.99! The adorable buckled booties were under $10! You really can’t beat deals like this.

Not only did I want to show y’all a haul, but I also wanted to share an outfit I put together with all Gabe’s pieces!

Sweater: $9.99

Scarf: $3.99

Jeans: $9.99

Boots: $7.99

P.S. My yellow rug is from Gabe’s also! $39.99!!

Well, friends, That’s all in today’s post. I hope you all loved this haul as much as I did. A huge thank you to Gabe’s for always helping me out with inexpensive outfits for my fashion hungry soul. Don’t forget to leave links to your blogs and instas, as I would love to check them out and follow you all and connect more. As always, feel free to shoot me a message with blog requests, to chat, or share a simple comment. Sending lots of love and positive thoughts to you guys now and always. Xoxo.

Stay chic,

Lexi 🌻🌻

P.S. let’s be friends! InstaTwitterTumblr & Snapchat 🌸


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