Turtle Neck Plaid Sweater | LexRayn 💛🍂✨

Hi, friends.

How are y’all doing this week? Good, I hope! The week before Thanksgiving break is always a killer for college students, professors try to shove in exams that aren’t necessary or properly covered topics, but hey, that’s collegeeeee. Thankfully the stressful school week ends with a ~ b r e a k ~ and good food! Am I right? I’m currently studying for an exam and needed to take a break from it to breathe for a second. So, here I am, writing to Y’all. This past weekend, my little brother and I ran some errands, which is my usual Sunday routine. On our way home, we drove by a hidden road full of leaves and I stopped my car because I was in complete awe. It was perfect for some blog pictures if I do say so myself, so I thought I’d share my outfit with Y’all. Without further ado…

Sweater: Shein (Linked)

Jeans: American Eagle

Boots: Marshalls ($19.99)

Hat: Marshalls/Tjmaxx ($12.99)

Vest: Gabe’s ($7.99)

If you’ve been a reader of mine for a while, you’ll know my love for yellow has been around for years at this point and I don’t see it going anywhere any time soon. Every time I walk into a store or go online shopping, my eyes go straight to anything yellow even though I have so many things already in that color. I realllllly can’t help it… nor do I want to!

On my latest virtual shopping trip with Shein, I found this yellow and cream checkered sweater. I have nothing at all like it in my closet and I knew it would pair well with a vest I already had. Plus, it would be perfect to wear to class. I try to find cute, but comfy and warm things for class because wearing crew necks every day gets old and I want to look put together sometimes, ya just feel so much better. I’ve been a huge fan of turtlenecks the past few years too, they’re definitely a must during the colder months. This Shein order was great, just like all my previous ones. I’m never disappointed with my Shein orders, ever. Their sweaters are such good quality and their cheap as heck, so perfect for a college-friendly budget or gals who don’t want to spend $50+ on one sweater.


I still have a discount code for Y’all.


Extra 20% off any purchase

Available: Oct 1st——Dec 31th

Well, that’s all in today’s post. I’m going to get back to studying and thinking about Thanksgiving dinner. My thankfulness for your support is endless. Don’t forget to leave links to your blogs and instas, as I would love to check them out and follow you all and connect more. As always, feel free to shoot me a message with blog requests, to chat, or share a simple comment. Here’s to a great rest of the week. Xoxo.

Stay chic,

Lexi 🌻

P.S. let’s be friends! InstaTwitterTumblr & Snapchat 🌸


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